Why White Shark Media Is Better For You?

October 15th, 2015

We love when our clients share their good experiences in using White Shark Media, but when they take time to share about their not-so-good experiences, we definitely listen then, too. Actually, we do more than listen. We take it one step further and use the complaints to improve our service to our clients.

We’ve improved our communication strategies so that you as the client are thoroughly aware of the ins and outs of your campaign. Communication is the most important tool within the client-company relationship, so we have implemented monthly status calls using GoToMeeting as well as a new phone system with direct extensions. Now you have tools at your disposal to talk to your contact person and that person’s supervisor whenever a need arises. We have also partnered with Marchex to provide call tracking as a way to monitor customer enquiries, and because this is such an important aspect of our customer service, we’ve included it in our AdWords management plans for free!

When you are using AdWords, you are able to install conversion tracking, call tracking and, in some cases, Google Analytics free of charge. Now you are able to track your AdWords performance as you’ve never had before, and you can see just how successful your campaign is.

To enhance our clients’ satisfaction with their campaigns, we make sure to use all of the successful aspects of an existing campaign and merge them with new campaigns to produced the best, optimized product for you. Our experienced supervisors oversee campaign management and provide necessary feedback to improve the products and services. Our senior SEM consultants monitor all clients from initial sign-up to the optimization process to ensure your contact person is in tune with your needs.

We appreciate the compliments our clients have shared with us about their experience with our company, but the complaints have been just as important because they have provided opportunities for improvement. We strive to make our company better so you as the client can find the success you are looking for. That is a partnership on which we’re building our reputation. We value your input as we move forward to provide a quality service.

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