Why Communication At White Shark Media Is the Best

December 29th, 2017

White Shark Media, a popular pay per click management service, says that they constantly take customer feedback into account in order to improve their services.

One complaint that they received often was that communication was not on the level that customers were expecting. Customers had to go through a receptionist, and it was sometimes hard to get in touch with the person who was advising them and managing their pay per click accounts. White Shark Media knows how important communication is. It is one of their top priorities.

What White Shark Media decided to do is to start using GoToMeeting to schedule appointments with their clients. Clients would attend an online meeting with their strategic advisor who would update them on the performance of their campaigns over the last thirty days. They would be able to see the screens that were shared by the strategist using the tools provided by GoToMeeting. This was very helpful in keeping clients up to date on what was going on with their campaigns. Many clients who had been with White Shark Media before they implemented this were effusive in their praise of this new procedure.

Another thing that White Shark Media decided to do was to give everyone who signed up a number with the personal extension of their contact person. This way, they did not have to go through a receptionist. They are now able to contact their contact person directly whenever they want. They are also given the extension of their contact person’s supervisor. This way, if they cannot get through to their contact person, or if they are having a problem with him or her, they can contact the supervisor and get the problem fixed as soon as possible.

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