Whitney Wolfe Turns Love Affair With Social Media Into Full-Blown Marriage

October 13th, 2017

Whitney Wolfe is taking control in the world of social media. So many people that thought that Whitney Wolfe was just in to engage in the creation of a dating app are going to be incredibly surprised. Whitney Wolfe has her mind on so much more than that, and her recent wedding is a possible sign of her growth as an individual and a business leader.

Whitney Wolfe got married in southern Italy recently, and this could be symbolic. This shows that she is someone that is willing to take the next step. It is very possible to compare her married life to her life as a business professional. One might say that she merely dated the social media industry with her initial dating app. Now that she is expanding Bumble it is certain that she has United herself into a full-blown marriage with social media.

Whitney Wolfe is expanding Bumble in a way where she is able to reach an audience that is looking for more than just another day. She is still catering to this audience with the Bumble app, but her company is expanding, and this is allowing her to actually get connected to a whole new crowd of people.

Those people are the ones that are looking for opportunities to possibly make friends. Bumble BFF is perfect scenario for these people. Sometimes there may be single people that just are not ready to date yet. For whatever reason, a person may be skeptical about the possibility of dating and going right into a relationship. Sometimes this calls for a connection as a friend first. This is what Bumble BFF provides. It creates the type of scenario for people to engage in building friendships without the stress that can come with trying to submit a relationship after a couple of dates.

Whitney Wolfe knows with Bumble BFF that she can connect with a crowd that is going to appreciate the possibilities of finding friends before they engage in relationships.

There are other people that moved to different cities and they want to get acquainted with people outside of their jobs. Whitney Wolfe is presenting Bumble as a possibility for this. makes it much more than a dating app. Bumble is now the company that is competing directly with other apps like LinkedIn and Instagram. In fact, Bumble is headed to become a multifaceted social media app.

For details: www.linkedin.com/in/whitney-wolfe-1791a299

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