White Shark Bites Down On SEO Keyword Targeting

September 28th, 2015

The all important strategy for keywords and search engine optimization (SEO) must be the center of marketing initiatives. No business will have marketing success without a clear and effective SEO keyword targeting strategy. These words will put the business in its class so that visitors who are looking for their products or services will be drawn in as bees to honey. Visitors will find the website with SEO and keywords that will rank the website the highest on the search engine ranking positions, although the algorithms for these SERPs have evolved to more specific tactics.

Keyword stuffing is a common but ill-advised tactic used by some to direct search engines to rank certain websites higher in search engine rankings. The title page, meta description, and the content on the page is filled with the keywords and variations of it whether it has information that makes logical sense or is nonsense. The side effect of keyword stuffing is that senseless text is made and users are duped into choosing a search result that is not relevant to their cause.

Keywords in SEO are best mentioned in the title page. Also putting the keywords in the main headline is a key tactic. Remember to include the meta description development in the title page to boost ranking. Another important tactic is to repeat the keywords in the title page content two to three times. If there are images on the page and there should be, a mention of the keywords in the ALT text or in the filename of the image is needed. Keep the number to that count exactly and no more.

The leading Digital Marketing Agency for Internet Marketing tactics is considered White Shark Media. SMEs (small to medium sized businesses) all over the globe turn to White Shark Media for ideas on how to boost ranking on search engines. Some of the tools such as keyword-level call tracking, Google Analytics integration, proprietary reporting software and competitive intelligence will give clients a great foundation for marketing formulas that will bring more visitors to their website who are ready to act appropriately. An increase in revenue streams or subscribers or both will be observed soon after implementation of the strategies.

White Shark Media gained fame and respect for their high level results, especially from Google, who invited them to their headquarters and assigned a team to the White Shark group, for support. Their collaboration with Google earned them the Google Adwords Premeir SMB Partnership in July 2014.

Source: White Shark Media Blog

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