Wen by Chaz on fine hair

July 6th, 2016

Wen by Chaz is a cleansing conditioner, a multi-purpose hair product that does the job of several hair care items in one, that is said to give life back to your hair. Many products claim to do amazing things but don’t deliver on these statements making it difficult for people to decide whether or not to spend their hard earned money so Emily McClure took the challenge on behalf of her readers.

She bought Wen by Chaz from Amazon and spent the next week using the product and detailing her feelings and results. Early on she expressed concerns about the amount of product the Wen bottle suggested she use, 24-32 pumps for long hair, and that the conditioner may make her fine hair feel greasy. But the worry over the amount of pumps needed evaporated as the luxurious conditioner worked its way through her hair while in the shower, making each strand feel bigger and softer to a point that seemed unbelievable to the girl. As the weeks progressed her worry over heavy hair was also pushed aside as her hair felt soft to the touch and shined so radiantly that even her friends couldn’t help but to comment about her great looking hair.

In the end she enjoyed the wonderful results and remarked that she would not hesitate to use the product again to give her hair a boost and get that wondrous shine.

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