Visual Search Company, Slyce, Has Relationship With Major Retailers

March 2nd, 2016

Helping Consumers Discover New Products

It’s a big world out there, and online shopping communities have to continually change their product lines in order to keep up with consumer demands. The trends that exist in the fashion industry are the quickest to change, and the fashion industry also makes up a majority of the purchases that are made from online shops, so the retailers that make best use of consumer trends are those that grow and profit from their online sales the most. These companies do a variety of things in order to stay ahead of their competition. They have to continually come up with relevant recommendations for consumers in order to keep their customers happy with their way of operating.

Start Ups In Visual Search Answer The Call

The call for better recommendations to customers has been placed. In a Live Mint news article, a consumer talks about her disgust of existing recommendations that she receives when she shops online. She claims that the recommendations are not right for her, so the computer programs that select recommendations on these particular sites are obviously not doing something right if they are selecting irrelevant items to suggest to consumers.

Start ups in the visual search industry are popping up all over the world, but Slyce is the biggest of the industry to date. Slyce has an app for everything related to online buying. They have the most comprehensive visual search application out there. There platform allows for users to search retailers inventories. They can search online and offline retailers, and since Slyce has a great relationship with major retailers like Home Depot and Tilly’s, the user gets the bets deals out there. They can search by taking pictures of print ads or real objects, for instance. They can also take a picture of QR codes, bar codes or other things.

Slyce has also offered up a few other products for consumers to interact with the online community. The app that Slyce created for organizing coupons is called Snip Snap, and it is helping consumers save a bundle every day. They also created this app called Pounce. This app basically turns the consumer’s smart phone camera into a buying tool. Together, the apps that Slyce has created are revolutionizing the online shopping community.

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