Vijay Eswaran Desires A Green Campus At New QI City

June 25th, 2017

Vijay Eswaran has made many new discoveries in multilevel marketing of how to create more revenue for his direct selling associates, and he’s also working with scientists and government departments to build a green university campus and housing neighborhood.

This campus is part of a university he and the leaders of QI Group gave the funds to start several years ago named QI University.

The university is currently in rented buildings in Ipoh City, but Eswaran wants to place it in new green-powered buildings. Energy in this campus will rely on wind and solar power, and that includes buses and trains coming to and from this new QI City. There will be parks and resting places as well as small stores and mall strips in this city.

What Vijay Eswaran is most known for is incorporating the old Malaysian traditions of spiritualism along with the modern routines in the office. This is because he grew up learning about them from his parents whom he greatly respects to this day. Eswaran was always intrigued by the study of socioeconomics, and he eventually turned his love of th subject into an interest in direct selling.

In 1998 he and Joseph Bismark began one of the Asia-Pacific region’s first direct selling and financing groups known as QI Group, though it was its QNet company that took over much of the main marketing and ecommerce sales in the coming years. Eswaran and Bismarck bought many resorts and glamorous residential housing through QI Asset Management, which has also served as a financing service for other businesses.

The RYTHM Foundation has been QI Group’s most impactful branch because it has raised up volunteers to help young children with cases such as autism and cerebral palsy, efforts to cleanup beaches and wildlife parks, and funds for religious groups and remote villages.

Eswaran meets with other Asian business leaders and political figures at gatherings such as the 6th Pravasi Divas and World Economic Forum. He’s an author who writes about business and spiritualism through books such as “18 Stepping Stones,” “In The Thinking Zone,” and his most popular book, “In The Sphere Of Silence.”

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