USHEALTH Group has become a Recognized Leader in the Insurance Industry

July 27th, 2017

USHEALTH Group established their base of operations in Fort Worth, Texas and works through its group of providers including National Foundation Life Insurance Company and Freedom Life Insurance Company of America.. The goal of the company is to be the most trusted name in healthcare. The group offers the most innovative health insurance including accident and disability, specified sickness and disease and life insurance for small businesses and employees, families and individuals. The company collectively offers coverage for more than 15 million customers. Customers are provided with plans tailored to their specific insurance needs at affordable prices.


The company has a great understanding of the nation’s health needs and recognizes each individual and group has specific healthcare criteria. Insurance is not a one size fits all proposition and USHEALTH Group has a plan for all occasions. The team at USHEALTH works with each client to develop the plan and coverage that is right for them.


They specialize on plans for limited budgets and concerns regarding high annual deductibles before benefits kick in. They offer discounted plans from a wide range of providers. The plans are often more affordable than some of the more comprehensive plans available, but offer a higher level of coverage that will address the needs of the consumer.


The company also offers more tailored coverage for those that have no premium cost concerns. These solutions are typically more flexible, while being very reliable and have become the hallmark of USHEALTH Group coverage. The company is also committed to customer satisfaction and off a high degree of customer service. Coverage and protection can be enhanced through a range of additional coverage that includes income protection, short term disability, and critical illness coverage.


Part of the success of the USHEALTH Group is to create long term relationships with clients. The insurance industry tens to high turnover and low customer loyalty, but the Group finds that delivering on the promise they make to clients will keep a high rate of return of their customer base.


USHEALTH Group is committed to offering the most innovative and customized plans possible. That philosophy has made them a recognized leader in the industry. Every day, more clients are turning to the products the company offers to fulfill their insurance coverage needs.

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