January 6th, 2016

Founded in 2001, US Money Reserve is the largest dealer of commemorative coins. They also offer a wide selection of bullion and certified products. Most people associate the US Money Reserve with the US Gold Reserves but they are two separate entities.

In 2001 it became apparent that there was a need to a strict but formal set of policies and guidelines for purchasing precious metals. This gave birth to the US Money Reserve. A formal group was assembled that included market experts in the field of precious metals that could provide a high degree of trustworthiness and top-notched customer service from the start of the purchasing process to time the product hits the customer’s hands. This group now has grown to over one hundred highly skilled professionals today. In 2014, Philip N. Diehl (former Director of the US Mint) became took seat as President of the US Money Reserve. This makes the Us Money Reserve the only gold company that is run by a former Mint Director. This further sets the US Money Reserve’s reputation in concrete as the best in the country. When you become a client you have access to a full range of professionals that include Senior Gold Specialists, Industry leading Numismatic Experts, Customer Relations Experts, Business Support Development, Inventory Department, Vault and Shipping Experts and Coin Research Professionals. Due to the quick attention of issues that pop up, the US Money Reserve has received a BBB rating of A+.

The US Reserve is not only about coins and precious metal. They are heavily involved in more than 70 local, state and National charities. Some of these include Air Force JROTC Booster Club – Scholarship Funds, American Cancer Society Relay for Life, American Red Cross, American Stroke Association, American Veterans Traveling Tribute, Austin Children’s Shelter, Austin Zoo, Autism Society of Greater Austin, Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Texas, Children’s Hospital, and many more that you can view on their site.

This shows the company’s dedication to their customers and country through their many contributions across the nation.

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