US Money Reserve: A Leading Distributor In Precious Metal Coins

November 24th, 2015

Specialists in the gold market founded the US Money reserve upon identifying the need to integrate high-quality trustworthy counsel relevant for the purchase of precious metals, customer service, and specialized market knowledge. It has been AAA rated by the Business Consumer alliance as the largest distributor of United States government issued gold, platinum and silver coins.

The company boasts of various professionals who aid clients in making the right purchase of precious coins. They combine a vast knowledge and experience acquired over decades of years in the industry. Senior gold professional, Industry numismatic expert, sales verification personnel, compliance and standards specialists, inventory department and shipping department are some of the experts of the company.

The advantage of being a client of this company is that you become an owner of a tangible asset. These assets can be delivered to the comfort of your residence, bank or office. In addition, the coins are legal tender silver, platinum and gold rather than paper certificates. Primarily this ensures that the clients have physical possession of their own coins.

The US Money Reserve allows 100% Money Back Guarantee. Mainly this serves to remedy individuals who are not contented with their orders. Consequently, the company accepts the return of the certified coins in a period of thirty days of purchase. In addition, the company has been in a position to ship over a million coins, which are in an excess of 500 billion dollars in terms of retail value.

Clients of the reserve are in a position to acquire and access the best quality in precious metal coins. Consequently, once they open an account with the US Money Reserve, they have access to the best quality of platinum, gold and silver coins, which are highly likely to increase in value. The continued growth of the company has been due to the efficient leadership of former United States Mint Director Philip Diehl, who is now the current president of the company.

The goal of the company has been to establish a durable and mutual relationship with its customers. Consequently, the company has been playing a crucial role in ensuring that it alerts its customers of the platinum, silver and gold coins when they are available at a particular time.

In addition, the company has been involved in playing major roles in charity events and initiatives. In the past, it helped raise $300000 for the Make a Wish Foundation. Further, this year the company has been involved in a fundraiser in conjunction with Crowdrise for the support of the Capital Area Food Bank.

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