Ultimate Growth Of The BMG Bank Under Marcio Alaor

November 26th, 2015

The family of Pentagna Guimaraes started the Bank of BMG in the year 1930.It is a well-known financial institution in Brazil that gives quality services to its customers and have diverse investments throughout the country. Originally, the company was known by the name Banco de Credito Predial S.A. Later this name changed into Banco de Minas Gerais S.A. The institution offered banking service in and outside Brazil upholding the standards of Banking Ethic as well as helping clients achieve their goals

Offering financial services worldwide is one of the paramount missions of BMG. It is engineered to give quality credit to very customer either an institution or an individual client. The company gives profitable services in the market and offers various new projects in the business world. BMG has given different products in Brazil as well as outside Brazil.

In 2012, BMG signed a contract with Itau Unibanco S.A, which provided for the maximization of the commercialization and distribution of credit services to all the various customers. The two institutions signed another agreement later in the year .They wanted to maintain and merge the various businesses and give their loans at affordable rates. Itau Unibanco took 60 per cent of the business shares while BMG took the remaining 40 per cent.

In the 1990s, the BMG focused on the wholesale and consumer crediting to individuals. The company also worked on the marketing of the various motor vehicles from different companies. BMG Bank invested in these various fields, which gave an increasing profitability. The company also became the benchmarking of the loans.

The merging of these two companies made BMG achieve many advantages in the industry. First, the company was able take over many businesses, which included financing of used vehicles, offering credit cards for payrolls and BMG Empresas. These were some of the different ventures, which the company got in to do later.

Marcio Alaor, the Vice President of BMG is behind the remarkable success of the company. The management has far much controlled the various costs in sales as well as in the networking and tried to optimize the general output from the two departments. Upholding the standards of banking institutions is the goal of the company. The Vice President, Marcio, is well known for his spirit of teamwork and motivation to his staff.

Marcio has bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and a postgraduate’s degree from the Instituto Metadista Bennet .He has good experience in banking as well as management of business. These skills and experience have equipped him with the knowledge to take BMG to a higher level in the industry. A certain square has been named in his honor in the city because of his philanthropic attitude.

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