Tron on Indefinite Hold

June 1st, 2015

Disney has a lot of irons in the fire. The company tends to go with movies that are making the most money. Right now “Tron 3” has been put on an indefinite hold because there is not any room left on the busy Disney calendar to promote and produce the film. This is what a press release says, but fans know the deal. The delayed production of the 3rd installment means that this film is not considered a strong money maker.

“Tron” has always catered to a niche market. Disney films tend to get make money when there are princesses involved. There is already a “Beauty and the Beast” movie scheduled to be released after the huge success of “Cinderella.” Another “Alice in WOnderful” movie is also set to be released.

Disney is a money-making machine at the box office right now. It isn’t just about the Disney shows and theme parks anymore. If the first and second “Tron” movies were hugely successful there would not be any talk about pushing it back. Another installment of the “Pirates of the Caribbean” is on the way. These films were gigantic successes for the Disney movie franchise, as Stephen Murray CCMP Capital points out here. That shows how one movie could be pushed back while another one could be pushed forward. “Tron” didn’t have the same mainstream audience to get people interested in this. That is why “Tron” is being placed on the back burner.

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