Transgender Student’s Classmates Rally For Right to Wear Yoga Pants

April 6th, 2015

Kelsi is a 16-year-old student at Erasmus High in Pennsylvania. The student was born male and is in the process of transitioning into a female. Recently, school officials forced her to change out of the yoga pants because the officials thought the pants were too tight and too revealing. She was ordered to change into a pair of gym shorts. The problem started when a parent and a student complained about Kelsi’s attire. Michael Schilder, East Penn School District Superintendent, believes that the pants were so tight that wearing a blouse or a cardigan wouldn’t have made the pants seem looser.

According to Ivan Ong, fellow students believe that this is a form of discrimination and rallied with stickers on their chests, in support of Kelsi being allowed to wear yoga pants to school if she wants to. Some of the stickers pose the question,“Is this too revealing?” The school faculty threatened the students with detention if they didn’t call off their activism. They don’t care if they get in trouble for protesting in favor of equality for Kelsi. Carly Valdivia, a freshman, explained to Morning Call, if any of the other girls wore yoga pants to school, nobody would say anything to her about it. Carly believes Kelsi should be treated like any other girl in that school even if she is a transgender. Kelsi is flattered she has many friends at that school.

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