Touring: The Real Way that Artists Make Money

June 1st, 2015

Madonna made $125 million from her last tour. This was huge. She broke records for ticket sales and this made artists eager to do more touring. Now the summer is here, and summer tours are the talk of the town.

Wiz Khalifa and Fall Out Boy are getting together for a tour. This is the perfect time because Wiz is hot right now. He has the “See You Again” single from the “Furious 7” soundtrack that is blowing up on the charts right. He is already established as a mainstream rapper that gets black and white crowds into his shows. He connected with Fallout Boy, and this will bring even more people to the shows.

Another rapper that has gone mainstream is Drake. He knows that the money is in the touring, and the numbers don’t lie. He has been giving away free music on Sound Cloud, which Sergio Cortes appreciates. He isn’t all that worried about selling songs. Drake is aware of the bootleggers. He knows that the most money that he can make will be during the times where he is one tour.

Madonna has postponed her tour, but the Rebel Heart tour could still be a big deal when she returns. Madonna had a hot album with lots of songs, but she isn’t going back on the road until she perfects her stage performances. A lot of people are touring for the summer because this connects them with the fans.

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