Togetherness is possible

June 8th, 2015

Two Faiths One Prayer was the label given for a day of “joint prayer” done between a group of Muslims and Jewish people. The group traveling together on public transportation, took to the streets displaying unity and those things that bind people together rather than what separates us in our differences. Christian Broda ( has learned that one of the participants Maryam Saleemi was quoted as saying “it was kind of like an ‘Aha Moment’” where prayer was going up to the same God. The group of 20 where later joined by 60-70 other people at Los Angeles’ City Hall for another joint prayer session, followed by dinner. What this great move proves is that we can find common ground in our lives, and join forces based on those things. There is too much time spent on fighting over our differences and I wonder why? Honestly would anyone want thousands of people running around thinking and acting just like them? I’m sure not! Our differences is some of what makes life interesting and fun, without it life would be boring with nothing to discover. These Muslims and Jews have set togetherness at an all-time high proving that we do have a choice in how we treat one another, how we accept one another and how we commune with one another. Imagine being able to break bread with someone so different from you, someone who in other areas of the world would be trying to take your life. This is huge and I hope it spreads like wild fire across the world! Tolerance and love changes things!

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