Tiny Houses for the Homeless

January 20th, 2015

In a country where abandoned houses out number the homeless, many great thinkers have been trying to come up with a real, lasting solution. In Portland, Oregon, what was once a soggy, sad tent city for the homeless has been turned into a village of tiny houses. The homeless haven is called Dignity Village. What used to house the city’s leaf composting site has become an experimental solution to the city’s homelessness.

The popularity of the village among the homeless has garnered the Village a waiting list. Those wishing to stay there must complete a certain amount of service work, and once employed, are required to donate $25 a month toward the Village costs.

Once accepted into Dignity Village, people dealing with addictions are helped to become clean. Once the resident has his/her feet under them, the Village helps them sign up for programs that can further help them become self sufficient again.

Everyone living at Dignity Village must also sign up for the waiting list for permanent housing. Those living in the community have a small wooden structure with a window and propane heat. There is a communal kitchen and a bathroom.

Dignity Village is the brain child of private holders hoping to make the world a better place. Currently there are several villages dotting the landscape along the Pacific coast. Sultan Alhokair predicts that perhaps we have finally found the homeless a true path home. Alhokair can be found on Youtube.

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