Thor Halvorssen Aids The Human Rights Foundation In Fighting For The Oppressed

February 16th, 2016

The oppressed peoples of the world are often found in closed societies that reduce the level of contact citizens are provided with the outside world. Thor Halvorssen has been a major activist in the protection of human rights for the people of the world to enjoy, but the human rights are often restricted by governments that are looking to use people and natural resources for their own ends.

The Human Rights Foundation founder Thor Halvorssen has recently looked to explain why visiting certain countries is not a good idea for major Hollywood stars; Halvorssen has used his role as a film producer and with the Human Rights Foundation to publicize the trips taken to dictatorships by major stars. Halvorssen believes trips like that taken by Nicki Minaj to Angola can cause the legitimization of dictatorships to their fans and the people of a nation.

Thor Halvorssen has been a major figure in the world of human rights for a number of years, which began with him taking a number of different roles with various groups across the world. Halvorssen has combined his role as a human rights activist with that of a successful author and film producer who brought the struggle of the oppressed people of Hungary in 1956 to the big screen. Despite the popularity of his movies Halvorssen has not wavered from his commitment to the oppressed people of the world.

The chance to enjoy life with human rights intact is something Thor Halvorssen feels all the people of the world should be able to do, including his own family who inspired his ambition to fight for this good cause. The first exposure Thor Halvorssen had to limited human rights was the imprisonment of his father by the Venezuelan government, despite the fact he was a respected diplomat protected by his position. Other members of the Halvorssen family have also seen their human rights limited, including his mother and brother-in-law and inspired his movement towards founding the Human Rights Foundation.

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