There Is Much For Airlines To Leverage From The IoT Technology According To Jason Hope

May 22nd, 2017

The Internet of Things has made the impossible things seem possible. It is changing the way practically everything operates with recent research showing that by the year 2020, 25 billion things will be connected. IoT technology through its key component of Bluetooth beacon is enabling people and objects to connect. Beacons have recently taken a new form of tiny stickers with embedded sensors, which can be placed on anything. Jason Hope shows how this technology is changing the airline industry.

Uses in airlines

Airplanes, such as Boeing 787s from Virgin Atlantic, have all their parts connected to a wireless network from engines, toolboxes, to life jackets. They help in collecting real-time data, which is analyzed to provide maximum safety during a flight. The technology is shaping the customer service for the better regarding Easier Check-ins. The technology is also enabling personalized travels, such ways as giving the right directions, notifying when one is running late, and showing nearby restaurants. Seat sensors can tell when a passenger is uncomfortable or fatigued. Some airlines like Delta has a pet tracking service that allows passengers check on their pets. The technology will soon be used in baggage handling. Some airlines have developed a technology that sees fuel efficiency being optimized.

About Jason Hope

Jason Hope is an Arizona-based entrepreneur and futurist, with interest in technology and philanthropy. The Temple-raised entrepreneur earned a finance degree and an MBA from the famed Arizona State University and ASU’s W.P. Carey respectively.

In his philanthropic endeavors, Jason Hope supports the SENS foundation that does anti-aging research in a bid to improve lives.

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