There Are A Number Of Reasons To Invest In Brazil

July 30th, 2015

There are a number of reasons why individuals should invest in Brazil, according to the Global Alliance of SME. Although Brazil’s financial market hit rough spot in 2014, the country looks like it’s prime for a comeback in 2015.

First of all, Brazil’s population accounts for about 190 million people and has a GDP of 35% of all of Latin America. When you calculate the population from other South American countries, that has the potential of attracting millions of other customers. Brazil also has sustainable growth. In fact, job growth numbers have outpaced other South American countries considerably.

Another positive step for the Brazilian market is the ouster of Comptroller Jorge Hage. Many consider the primary reason as to why Brazil’s market too such a dip. The installation of newly-elected Brazilian President Rousseff will undoubtedly usher in some important changes.

Bridge Trust is an investment company that is encouraged by Brazil’s market potential. Under president Zeca Oliveira’s leadership, Bridge Trust currently overseas about $65 million in its investment portfolios. Oliveira has about 25 years of financial experience under his belt. Not only is he responsible for the company’s investments, he is making a merger with Gradual Investmentos possible.

Other reasons why Brazil is high on the investment list is because the country a huge supply of offshore iron ore. Being one of the largest suppliers of oil has also forced Brazil to improve its technological platforms. The technology sector also contributes to Brazil’s stable economy. Sustainable growth is expected to rise over the coming years.

Potential investors should seek out advise from blogs and other professionals familiar with Brazil’s market. While much can be said about the growing economy, the same could be said about the political instability. While Brazil seems to be getting things in order, political elections could very well cause the market to back slide.

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