The Tenacious Optimism of Laurene Powell Jobs

December 8th, 2014

Laurene Powell Jobs is working hard at making an impact on society, in spite of, or perhaps with the aid of, her status as Steve Jobs’ widow. Her work seems to reflect her concern about social issues rather than being catered to because of her association with an icon such as Steve Jobs.

An example of that work is the organization she chairs called Emerson Collective. She helped create this organization to provide support for anyone who wants to get involved in the areas of education, social justice, immigration reform and the environment.

Another example of Ms. Powell Jobs’ involvement and leadership in social change is College Track, where she is president. She co-founded College Track in 1997 to prepare high school students living in under-served areas to attend college.

Powell Jobs has a background in investment banking, having attended Stanford Graduate School of Business where she received her M.B.A. That is where she met Steve Jobs. Ms. Powell Jobs’ background in business may have influenced the philosophy she expresses: in order to dare to dream about making positive change in a society, both idealism as well as pragmatism must be practiced.

Ms. Powell Jobs has also immersed herself in national politics as a Democratic fundraiser, becoming one of the top donors of the Ready for Hillary Super PAC in support of Clinton’s run for president. She has also been a strong supporter of President Obama’s agenda for the Affordable Care Act.

She makes regular visits to Capitol Hill, speaking on behalf of the children of illegal immigrants to discuss options to create a pathway to citizenship for them. On the topic of immigration, Ms. Powell Jobs’ staunch support of immigration reform is showcased in a film she and filmmaker Davis Guggenheim worked together on called “The Dream is Now.” They both presented the film to members of Congress at a meeting on Capitol Hill.

Ms. Powell Jobs has also joined the movement raising money for anti-gun violence. The organization is called Americans for Responsible Solutions. A friend and fellow Silicon Valley investor, Ron Conway, is also involved with the same organization. He has described Ms. Powell Jobs as someone who has a bipartisan-friendly relationship on Capitol Hill.


Because of the impact that Laurene Powell Jobs has made on society through the organizations she has founded and partnered with, as well as her donations to the Democratic Party and her political causes, it is not clear whether she should be described as politically driven or a social activist.

What is not a mystery, though, is that she has made her mark as a person with a deep passion for improving the lives of many and a drive for social change that is relentless.

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