The Success Story of Lori Senecal

November 8th, 2017

Lori Senecal represents one of the women who are currently most successful in their career fields in the country. She attributes success in her career as associated with her early life as well as the success of her elder siblings serving as a source of motivation. Today, based on her success, she is living her dream life in her current career. After graduating from university with a degree in sales and marketing, Lori Senecal went ahead and became employed, and she had the ability to turn everything in her way into success. She is known for her amazing abilities to bring better states in numerous organizations and companies. Her passion in trying to bring the best out of people has made her a successful team leader in all organizations she has been working in.


Lori Senencal’s innovation and creativity drove her to create TAG ideation in the year 2003, which is a marketing platform that is mainly comprised of young people. Having been the source of the idea for the formation of this entity, she served as co-managing director of TAG ideation. Lori has been able to showcase her ability to analyze knowledge as she has worked successfully in multinational accounts.


According to GCReport, Lori has worked in great companies such as Sprint, Xbox and Nestle. She also served in the position of account director for Coca cola as well as the chief executive officer of DDB Worldwide. What makes Lori even more recognized in the world of business is her ability to make noticeable steps towards the success of the organization within a short time. This makes her services appeal to many employers who are interested in the fast transformation of their organizations or companies.

Lori Senecal’s innovativeness coupled with her extensive knowledge and experience in team building has rendered her work a touch of excellence in any organization she has served in. The most recent recognition she got with regard to her ability to impact on businesses faster was being put on the spot by Fast Company on the list of most creative people in business in 2017. Her ability to build a positive culture in the organization has impacted on the skills of employees positively.


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