The State Of Oregon Is Likely To Be Smoky Soon

June 30th, 2015

What is going on in the wacky world of weed? As the native, mildly narcotic green plant continues its march across the United States on its way to recreational legality, Oregon is the latest state to declare marijuana a decriminalized plant. But certain policies allowing it to be sold are not in place yet. So what’s the solution? Give it away for free.

That’s right, for a limited time only, any adult who shows up at midnight, June 30th, at the Burnside Bridge in Portland, Oregon, can get a free bongload of their favorite recreational herb, compliments of NORML, a marijuana activist group. Sam Tabar ( has learned that, there, they may join thousands of other adults in what is sure to be one of the biggest outdoor parties ever known to history. As one enthusiast asserts, not only will it be an event well-tended by food vending trucks – who will no doubt sell a lot of churros that night – but this is history in the making.

Meanwhile the next state in line to get its blazing rights is California, where signatures are already being collectedto get a legalization measure on the ballot. It’s hard to imagine that legalizing marijuana wouldn’t pass in the Golden State, since its one of the things the state’s famous for. 55% of voters signed on to support the measure.

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