The Difference At The Manse On The Marsh

January 21st, 2016

Assisted living is designed to aid those who need moderate levels of aid with their daily asks. One of their main objectives is to aid residents in retaining as much freedom and autonomy as possible. These facilities are typically staffed by trained nurses and nurses aids and doctors. Other employees can include cooks, dietary aids, janitors and housekeepers.

Finding the right assisted living facility an be difficult which is why reviews are so absolutely vital. It is a matter of matching not only where the family member is presently, but also wants to reside. One will also need to find a facility that will help them to remain active and mobile, as well as having the level of care that they need.

The Manse on the Marsh offers a variety of options when dealing with the care of your family member. The trained staff will conduct an initial interview to determine the level and amount of care that they will need. This interview an also aid to determine the individuals’ tastes and preferences that can indicate food desires and needs, entertainment as well as activities that they may benefit from.

Once the resident determines the type of living arrangement that will work for them, they will be assigned a living quarter. These can vary from shared apartments, efficiencies, to whole cottages. These are all located on the campus of the facility so that when help is needed the resident will not have to wait.

The campus also offers many opportunities to socialize. The great room has a fireplace and plenty of seating to simply enjoy the setting, or to sit and visit with others. An outdoor patio area is equipped with a bistro that can serve meals and snacks throughout the day. It also offers the ideal place to take in some sun and relax.

Inside the Manse on the Marsh, the blog shows that the residents will find two fine dining restaurants for their pleasure. There is also the main dining room if that is what one desires. After dinner, there is a theater that shows a wide variety of movies.

The Manse on the Marsh is located in very close proximity to downtown San Luis Obispo. They have a number of opportunities to take in a show, window shop, go to a theater or museum and even just take a comfortable stroll. There are many different hops and stores where almost anything one desires can be had.

The facility also offers a number of different opportunities throughout the year to go on small trips. These can be to historic sites, dude ranches, and even to a zoo. Residents have so many opportunities to live a full and happy retirement to the Manse on the Marsh. One will almost not realize that they are in an assisted living facility at all.  Testimonials show that the residents are definitely enjoying life here.

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