The Catholic Debate

June 23rd, 2015

Over the last 50 years Catholic politicians have been struggling to decide whether and not be should align themselves with the opinion of the Vatican. This has been a problem mostly for Democratic politicians. As it turns out, Republican politicians are currently the warmest place in an awkward position. Pope Francis who is a charismatic and active leader is the reason behind the sudden awkwardness when it comes to Republicans. On Thursday the Pope released a 192-page call to action for humans to readjust themselves when it comes to human activity in climate change. the Pope gave his opinion on how the earth is beginning to turn into a pile of Filth at the hands of mankind Catholic politicians from both sides are chasing a tough decision. Many conservative Catholics feel like the poop is pushing them into a corner when it comes to the climate change to be. If they follow their party’s initial beliefs they will vehemently deny the existence of climate change. If they follow the leader of their religious affiliation they would accept that climate change is a problem for democratic means to fix it. Rush Limbaugh who is an extreme conservative and the Catholic respects the Pope and his opinion. Keith Mann has read that Limbaugh thinks that the Pope should leave the problem in the political field and out of the religious one. With the Pope posting a 86 % popularity rating it will be safe to say that will do what they can to reverse the damage done by climate change. Where politicians will stand on the matter is anyone’s guess.

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