The Brazilian Literature Giant: Jaime Garcia Dias

October 22nd, 2015

Jaime Garcia Dias. This name never fails to appear every time a topic on Brazilian literature comes up. So who is Jaime Garcia Dias? Jaime is a literature genius born to Arnaldo and Garcia Dulce Dias in 1970 in Rio de Janeiro, one of the major cities in Brazil. His parents being intellects, Jaime schooling was highly motivated. He joined Arnaldino School where he studied literature. In 1988, he joined faculty of Rio de Janeiro College of Literature in order to fill his passion for words and literature. This love paid off as he was hired in the most prestigious school of literature in the country in 1993, Carioca Literature Academy as a teacher. Hard work and input of new ideas in the Academy saw him rising to Vice President in 1997and 10 years later, President of the academy. It is during these years that his career as a writer also blossomed.

What makes Jaime Garcia Dias special is his tremendous love in literature as influenced by his father who was himself a writer. As a child, he loved to read. At age fifteen, Dias wrote his first book which was inspired by Graciliano Rosamond’s “The Devil to Pay in the Backlands”. From then on, he kept on writing. His main genre was fiction which people loved. In the Carioca Literature Academy where he taught, Jaime developed a strong sense of worth from teaching. He used the positive reinforcement in his writing style which paid off. This is because in 2001, Jaime won his first award, White Crane Award which was given to new names in Brazilian literature.

The award was for his book Fell from Heaven, one of the 10 books he had already written by then. From then on, his journey through the literature world has been an amazing one with more awards the latest being the ABC Award of Brazil Literature. At 45, Jaime Garcia Dias has a whole life ahead of him to continue his remarkable work in revolutionizing Brazilian Literature and the news section of his Crunchbase shows just how far he’s already come. He already introduced new skills in writing at the Carioca Academy which changed the institution before being vice president. To add icing on the cake, he also, as President, introduced journalistic writing in the institution which is now recognized as the largest space dedicated to Brazilian writers. That is not counting the 20 books he has already published among them “Tiny”, “Two Words” and “Canal Clouds” which have won Awards and his weekly publication in “Wise, the Journal of Brazil”, which he started writing in 2013.
This man, Jaime Garcia Dias has brought more light to Brazilian Literature. Thanks to him, more Brazilians are motivated to write.

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