The Best Way to Fix Venezuela

May 25th, 2016

There are a lot of stories circulating on facebook news feeds that focus on the collapse of Venezuela, but this is a land that could be fixed if the structure of the economy was changed. Right now the government is scrambling for all types of ways to make things better. Shortened work weeks have been introduced. The government has been seeking aid from sources outside of Latin America as the tension boils. Many spectators are looking at what many believe is a socialist republic and wondering if this form of government is the thing that has lead to their own downfall.
The reality according to analyst Danilo Diaz, however, is that Venezuela is not the big time socialist country that people would assume that it is. What people should realize is that there are elements to the Venezuelan government that are similar to what the United States has in play. People pay taxes here, but the structure for programs that make living affordable are not in place. There is a recession that seems to be getting worse because there is a ton of inflation and a black market that take prices even higher.

Venezuela has to stop the black market by making things affordable, and there should be a focus on other exports. If oil is what more than half of the economy depends on there can be a lot of trouble with the state the economic conditions. The company needs to produce other exports.

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