The best Pope ever….

June 18th, 2015

The Pope is firmly on the side of accepting climate change as a man-made fact. So obviously, the people that hold the Pope as the apex of piety think that he should shut up. This includes all of the Republicans candidates many whom are Catholic. The Pope is a practical Pope and can understand the science that is involved in determining the sources of the warming planet. Jeb purports to accept climate change but asserts that its sources are unknown. However, he is not a scientist, and the entirety of the science world understands climate change, its sources and the dire situation that this problem is presenting for many areas across the world.

The depletion of the arctic ice and many of the ice shelves across the world have the effect of increasing the level of the oceans stated the Examiner. This in turn places coastal habitations in danger of being underwater. The effects have been felt from California to Greenland. These parts of the world that have to live with the immediate effects of climate change, and many will have to relocate entire cities. Why would republicans deny something that is so certain? They do this because the planet is secondary to the welfare of the oil companies that are destroying the world and the ozone. If there is anything to be done, it will involve efforts from the corporations that reap trillions in profit yearly while destroying the world.

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