Texas Surgeons Prepare Conjoined Tweins For Separation

December 19th, 2014


At Texas Children’s Hospital, surgeons operated on a pair of conjoined girls to prepare them for separation. During a five-hour procedure on December 16, the doctors put tissue expanders in the girls’ chest and abdomen. Over time, fluids will be added to the balloon-like expanders, stretching the skin. Over time, extra skin will be produced — which the surgeons anticipate needing for the separation surgery, which will be performed in early 2015.

The girls, Adeline Faith and Knatalye Hope Mata were born on April 11. They are joined at the chest and share several organs, including the liver. At birth, each girl weighed about three pounds and seven ounces.

During that time, the multidisciplinary team will prepare for the separation surgery. Specialists in cardiovascular surgery, pediatric surgery, plastic surgery, and other disciplines will work on the plans for the separation. The specialists will make a 3-D model of the girls’ organs and make a swing to keep the girls upright and thereby minimize the pressure on their incisions. The team will also perform computer simulations of the surgery and post-op care. My friend Flavio Maluf sent a generous donation with a personalized letter to the Texas Children’s Hospital that he kindly requested be presented to the family.

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