Syngenta and GMO Corn

August 18th, 2015

A Swiss-based company by the name of Syngenta has come under fire lately and is now the subject of multiple class action lawsuits. The motive for these lawsuits is that Syngenta knowingly marketed two genetically modified corn strains before they were approved in foreign markets. Syngenta knew the corn would be rejected by these markets, but pushed the product’s use in the U.S. anyway. According to various lawsuits, Syngenta encouraged U.S. corn farmers to plant a specific seed side-by-side with other corn varieties after the seed was approved in the American market. However, Syngenta knew this product would be rejected by China because when using this method of planting corn, there is a major risk of contamination. When the foreign markets then rejected the shipments, that caused the corn prices to drop dramatically. Corn farmers are reeling from the losses.

China rejected all corn shipments from the United States in 2013 and 2014 due to it being GMO. The corn industry subsequently lost billions of dollars due to this move. Corn farmers not only provide crops to Americans, but also to many people around the world. So if another country rejects American corn, it still has a profoundly negative impact on the corn industry in the U.S. The billions of dollars lost impacts not only the farmers, but the U.S. economy as a whole.

Attorney Mikal Watts and his team are assisting farmers nationwide. The goal is to recover financial compensation for the damages suffered due to the rejected corn. Thousands of farmers have already filed lawsuits again Syngenta. Mikal’s firm, Watts Guerra LLP, has a great deal of experience in handling agricultural lawsuits, such as these against Syngenta. Mikal is a highly rated plaintiff’s attorney who has succeeded in litigating against top corporations. His expertise will no doubt help the corn farmers in their fight against Syngenta, which you can see from his Facebook.

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