Success Academy Is Impacting Education Highly

July 24th, 2017

Success Academy has 41 public charter schools across New York City. These are imparting education to 14000 students.



But life at Success Academy is different but highly exciting. The education managers at Success Academy will vouch for it. They are required to take their positions and welcome scholars each morning as they arrive. There are many who nod, others who shake hands while many others give hugs. Do note that an education manager at Success Academy is not a teacher. They do not spend time with the scholars in classrooms. Still, the education manager tends to have a giant impact on the education of these scholars at Success Academy.



Only those people work at Success Academy who have a passion for this kind of work. Besides, this is not like other schools. The kind of curriculum at Success Academy is different and exciting. They are teaching a lot of new and unique things to the young students. These scholars know much more than the kids studying in other schools.



Any educational institute including Success Academy would have teachers and other staff. All of them have a specific impact on kids. Education managers are able to impact scholars by working behind the scenes. They work closely with the leadership Success Academy and impact strategic decisions.



The job of an education manager at Success Academy is multifaceted. The person has to administer the New York state exams. Besides, the person needs to help the special needs scholars to receive services. Hence scholar achievement will not be limited to just science, but include literacy, math and much more.



There is something exciting happening all the time in the life of an education manager at Success Academy. It cannot be put down in writing. This includes meeting parents, analyzing scores and much more.

Success Academy named finalist for prestigious national charter school award

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