Steve Murray’s Contribution to CCMP Capital Success Story

August 12th, 2015

Stephen Murray CCMP Capital is a New York Based investment firm that deals with capital growth transactions and leveraged buyout. It was formally known as JP Morgan Partners, which consisted of investment professionals that separated from JT Morgan Chase in 2006. CCMP as a company has invested over $12 billion on growth capital transactions and leveraged buyout since coming to operation in 2007. It has been ranked top 17 in the world in the list of leading private equity funds.

Over the past two decades, CCMP Capital has been known by several names. In 1984, it was originally known as Chemical Venture Partners. By then, it was a branch of Chemical Bank that operated in venture capital and private equity for the bank.
In 1996, Chemical Bank acquired Chase Manhattan Bank. That acquisition led to the change of the name to Chase Capital Partners. Another acquisition was done in 2000 which involved J.P. Morgan &Co. leading to the formation of JP Morgan Chase. The name later changed to JP Morgan Partners. Around this time the organization expanded from the combination of private equity organizations. This included Robert Flaming & Co., Manufacturers Hanover, and Hambrecht & Quist. It also included Chase Manhattan, JP Morgan & Co., and the Beacon Group.

Further acquisition was done in 2004. This was on Bank One. The bank had a private equity investment that was in house. It became the leading private equity investment arm of JP Morgan Chase. This was actually the genesis of several spin outs. In 2005 JP Morgan Partners announced the first spinout. That resulted in a separation from JP Morgan Chase that became effective in 2006. The new firm that was formed took up the name of CCMP. This was an acronym of the earlier partners which were Chemical, Chase and JP Morgan Partners.

Currently, Stephen Murray CCMP Capital operates in Hong Kong, Tokyo and New York. It has over 50 employees. One of the outstanding employees is Steve Murray. Mr. Steve has been the CEO and President of CCMP Capital. He has been with the firm since 1989. He has worked in nearly all the predecessor firms. He succeeded group fonder Jeff Walker in 2007. He has been a great deal maker and investor who made immense contributions to CCMP Capital. Under his leadership, CCMP has had great success in terms of investments. He has also served in boards of other companies like Generac Power Systems, Warner Chilcott, and The Vitamin Shoppe among others. He has also been a great philanthropist supporting the works of organizations such us Make a Wish Foundation and the Boston College.

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