Status Labs Will Handle Even The Most Personal Online Crisis

October 22nd, 2015

Status Labs is an online reputation management company that helps companies and individuals when the Internet turns against them. Companies that are struck with negative comments about their services need Status Labs to help them resolve lingering issues, and individuals who have their online information stolen may have their problem solved by Status Labs. Status Labs goes to the ends of the Earth to solve problems that were created by identity thieves.

#1: How Was The Information Stolen?

Information stolen from individuals is often posted online to make their lives difficult. Private phone numbers, email addresses, street addresses and private information could be used by anyone who sees this information. Status Labs starts an investigation that will uncover who stole the information, where it has been posted and how it was used.

#2: How Is The Information Removed?

Status Labs will begin looking for places where the information was posted. Private information could spread from one site to another easily, and the information must be removed from websites, bulletin boards or webpages. Status Labs will contact the owners of each site where the information is posted, and the information will be removed quickly. Private citizens must change their phone numbers or email addresses, but Status Labs will wipe the slate clean after finding the information.

#3: Who Can Hire Status Labs?

Status Labs is available for hire by anyone who is in need of assistance. Businesses typically hire Status Labs for help with their online information, such as Twitter, and businesses that are struggling with online information crises can get instant help. Individuals who are struggling with these problems may feel that Status Labs is not within reach, but Status Labs will help anyone who has had problems with information theft online. Status Labs will begin their investigation as soon as they are hired, and the investigation will not stop until the information has been stricken from the Internet completely.

The Status Labs team is led by investigators who will uncover every use of someone’s private information online. Status Labs knows how to find information that was spread illegally, and Status Labs knows how to attack people who steal information. The information that was posted online with malice will be removed, and the thief will be uncovered. Private citizens who are suffering from embarrassment online will find relief when they hire Status Labs to look into the loss or posting of their private information.

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