Stanford Speaks Out About Students Viewing Admission Files

February 26th, 2015

Over a month ago, a Stanford University student newsletter revealed that currently enrolled students could access all of their college records, including their admission records. The documents must be obtained under the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act, and include all of the confidential data that goes into the admissions process.

After the newsletter ran a story on the law, Stanford and other Ivy League schools were inundated with requests for the confidential files. Until recently, Stanford administration has stayed mum on the topic, but as requests grow they are stepping up to discourage students from reading the documents.

An email was sent to all students who requested the documents. The e-mail suggested students think introspectively about what they would really gain from reading through confidential material. The e-mail also goes onto inform students that they can withdraw their request at any time.

Paul Mathirson has read that many Ivy League experts worry that such access to these records could allow a deeper insight into the mysterious world of admission to top tier schools, including graduate programs that many of these students accessing their files will potentially be applying to.

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