Spreading the Word Regarding Autism Rocks

February 12th, 2016

Most people have heard of autism and most have some idea as to what it is, but for the most part, this knowledge is rather limited at best. In order to fight the condition and to bring more money into research, it is necessary for other individuals to have a full comprehension of what it is, what to does to the body and also what someone who suffers from autism is able to do and not able to do. There are different research projects out there studying autism, but it is a very expensive condition to study. That is because despite knowing how it affects the body, nobody actually knows where it comes from or how it forms. There are come theories, but there is nothing concrete in fact, which makes it difficult for anyone to know how to prevent the condition from developing.

Sanjay Shah is one individual who has made it his mission to do whatever he can in order to assist with the situation. His son suffers from autism. Shah found that when his son received the diagnosis, he really did not know what went into autism, what to expect or what exactly would happen with his family and his child. Thankfully for him, he was in the financial position to care for his son and to do everything in his power to give him the right education and to make sure he received everything necessary. However, there are plenty of families and children out there who simply do not have this kind of opportunity. This is why he started the Autism Rocks campaign.

The Autism Rocks campaign is designed to put on special invite only concerts around the world. Some of the biggest musicians in the world have done everything in their power in order to assist with putting on the show for free. This way, all of the money can go to the foundation. With the foundation, they are able to sponsor children from all around the world in order to help make sure they are able to receive the education and assistance they need.

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