Songs that Show that Being Quiet Isn’t Wrong

July 4th, 2015

There are some people who love to talk and who like to draw attention with all of the talking that they do. And then, there are some people who would rather be quiet. Susan McGalla seems to identify with the latter after checking CNN. There are some who would rather sit quietly, alone, then be a part of a party of people. There are some who would rather be quiet than loud, but being quiet is often seen as something that is wrong.

Those who are loud will often mock those who are quiet, but there are actually a number of songs out there that support those who are quiet. There is a whole list of songs that was put together that supports those who are introverts. This list of songs includes picks from artists such as Lorde, and it is a list that will help those who are quiet to feel better about themselves and the life that they are living.

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