Slyce’s Newest Developments Include Universal Scanner

March 25th, 2016

With so many new companies on the rise and tons of competition in most tech markets, I always turn to Yahoo Finance for my news on companies to see how they are growing. Yahoo Finance released an official report that breaks down how one of my favorite tech companies is doing in their market. Slyce has been dominating the visual search industry by improving the tech features behind their platform, and they continue to grow. These changes spark new relationships. These relationships include new ties to retailers that will work with Slyce to offer their products to consumers. The new relationships in the Yahoo Finance article also include a lead investor that bought $3.5 million units of Slyce.

Tech Developments At Slyce

The good news over at Slyce is that they have been developing a slew of new products to improve the function of their application. The application is free for users to download. It provides an easy, safe way to search for products that users want to purchase online without the draw back of conducting lengthy searches by using keywords. Slyce allows users to simply snap a picture of an object in their surrounding to be used to conduct the visual search. Alternatively, users can take a picture of a barcode, or they can capture a picture of another picture, like a print ad, for instance.

The feature that Slyce has unleashed in October of 2015 is called Universal Scanner, and it allows users to take a picture of more than just the object. Users now have the ability to snap a picture of a barcode, QR code or a picture of the object in 2D. This feature makes Slyce easier to use and more robust.

Other Highlights From The Report

There were several other highlights mentioned in the Yahoo Finance report. The CEO made some interesting comments about the growth and sustainability of Slyce. Also, several new relations between Slyce and major retailers were discusses in the article from Yahoo Finance.

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