Skout, The Safest Way To Go

September 11th, 2015

With the exposure of the vast Ashley Madison hack that resulted in turmoil for many of its members, the world of online social media has become a questionable realm in which to venture. There are few sites out there that are transparent, and even fewer that seek relevance through app advances.

One of those that is singular in its quest for social responsibility and for enhancing the user’s experience is Skout. Skout, founded in 2007, is a free app that can be accessed and downloaded from The Google App Store. It is one of the few that is available for both adults and teens. Skout on techcrunch is a mobile site built to allow its users to meet new people, make new friends, and send pictures of people, places and things, including the appropriate “selfie.” Skout is the only site to ban topless pictures for both men and women. Even bath towel wrapped photos have been deemed inappropriate along with the classical bathtub soap bubble portraits and washboard ab pics. Other pictures that involve even more exposure are banned with a purpose: the purpose of cleaning up the social media environment and developing an atmosphere where making friends without the red flag of sexual content happen.

With this thought in mind, Skout has two avenues in which users can register. One, the most common, is for adults. There is also a format designed for teens only. This section of Skout is closely monitored to weed out those who prey on the young. It has the best security level for teens to make friends, converse online, and even see sights they have only seen in books.

Skout has recently introduced a travel feature that is now used by over 10 million members. The travel feature allows members to virtually view hitherto inaccessible sights through other members who happen to live there. This makes it possible to see the sights, hear the people, and make friends to visit at the location. Using this feature, members have been able to find the places where they wish to spend what few vacation hours they have and the hard earned cash in their wallets.

Another, more recent feature added by Skout is “Fuse.” Fuse is another downloadable app free app. Fuse is specifically designed for people on the go. Members using this app simply set a “fuse”, a time limit when all chat and pictures are eliminated in 3, 5, or 10 minutes. Members can join an existing conversation by asking permission. If they wish to leave, they simply exit. All the conversation and anything related to it coming from the phone the member is using is eliminated when the “fuse” time is reached. This way the conversations are unrecoverable by others who are on the site. Such actions increase the security of a site that has already demonstrated high concern for the privacy of its members. Unlike the Ashley Madison site, the conversations are wiped and are not accessible to those who wish to hack for the purpose of exposing individuals or to blackmail the site founders and administrators themselves.

All in all, Skout has proved to be one of the safest sites for social contact online. It is the creators and the administrators of the site that can be thanked for the development of a site with enhanced security, a more moral approach to content, and an ever expanding experience for the member.

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