Skout Has The Solution For A Lonely Heart

March 21st, 2015

I thought that after I dumped my boyfriend, that everything would be just fine, but I suffered from heartbreak, just like everyone else. I cried for days, then I wept, then I cried some more, then I wept just a little bit more. After a week of constant crying, swollen eyes, and lots of tissue paper, I pulled myself up, and decided to go back to work. A friend of mine told me that I should go out, and try dating again, but I told her I was not ready. She suggested that I should at least try to make some friends, to help my broken heart.

I asked what she thought I should do, and she suggested that I join Skout. I had heard of Skout before, but it was not something I was interested in, because I already had a boyfriend. Since that is no longer the case, and my boyfriend is gone, I figured that I might give it a try. I know that a reconciliation is not possible, so I decided I would look for a friend, but I was open to the possibility of love. I signed up using the app, and I was still at work when I did it.

The app took less than a minute to download, and I quickly was able to put together my profile, and I added a picture. I found some people that interested me, and many of them were close by. Many took a liking to my picture, and they said they thought I was a fun-loving person. One guy in particular did catch my eye, and I decided that I wanted to know if he had added me as a favorite. I found out that my purchasing Skout points, I could take a peek at his favorites list, and see if he really liked me.

After using my Skout points to look at his favorites list, I was shocked to see that he had added me as a favorite. This guy really made a difference, and I went from being lonely, to having a true friend. I talked with him every single day, and if I didn’t have time to contact him, he contacted me. We began talking on Skout, but we also started to talking on the phone as well. We’ve had lunch, as well as dinner dates, and I really think that I’ve found a new boyfriend.

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