Sergio Cortes And His Expert Advice

January 22nd, 2016
Sergiocortesoficial is a great website to go to in order to find information about Sergio Cortes. Sergio Cortes is a very well known doctor from Brazil. He is a very respected hip surgeon. Cortes has been in the medical industry for many years now, and that is why he has written so many articles. Cortes has done much research on the human body and the progression of disease. Cortes is an individual that has made many contributions to public health, and he teaches individuals how to care for their bodies.

Since he is an orthopedist, Cortes gives expert advice about how to care for bones and the back. Cortes emphasizes the importance of doing physical movements in order to give strength to the spine and the joints. Doctor Cortes believes that it is important to exercise regularly, and he encourages his patients to do exercises like Pilates in order to improve the movement of their body. Cortes also encourages his patients to do Yoga. Yoga is much like Pilates in the way that it elongates muscles, and both Yoga and Pilates are easy on the joints and bones. It is best to get the aid of an expert in Pilates or Yoga before beginning an exercise regimen.

Another Exercise that Cortes promotes is swimming. Swimming is an exercise that is virtually no impact; at the same time swimming gives the body a great work out. Swimming is great, in particular, for those individuals that have suffered from back injuries. Swimming helps to promote a healthy posture, and swimming is great for a person’s lungs. By swimming regularly, a person can improve their breathing capacity, their circulation, and their mental state.

Doctor Cortes is very well known because of all of the contributions that he has made to the Brazilian Health department. Cortes served as the Executive Officer in the the Health Department of Brazil for many years as well. Cortes has even been recognized by the World Health Organization because of the helpful contributions that he has made to the citizens of Brazil. At the present moment Doctor Cortes serves as the health secretary of Brazil. Cortes was able to get this prestigious promotion because of his commitment to health, and his dedication to his work. Doctor Cortes can be contacted through LinkedIn and Twitter.

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