Senator Marco Rubio’s Reaction to Obama’s Cuba Policy Shows Policy Needs to be Sold to GOP

December 18th, 2014

Hopefully President Obama’s spirit of outreach to Cuba will extend to the US Congress because the deeply entrenched opposition to the island nation remains among many key GOP lawmakers. Senator Marco Rubio was incensed over the surprise news that the president had normalized relations with the island nation without consulting the Senate much less seeking their support. It is true that the Cuban sanctions imposed during the Kennedy-era have long lost their value. In fact, they were vestigial policies of a bygone era. That doesn’t meant that they aren’t entrenched with many in the Cuban-American community.

While polls show a majority of Cubans now favor restoring diplomatic ties, especially among the young, that does not mean they will support restoring relatinos for its own sake. The details of how it is done will ultimately factor in. The GOP will soon take over the Senate chamber and stand ready to oppose the Cuba policy.

By no means is the president’s work done. He will need the support of the GOP. In the past, his treatment of the opposition party’s positions as having no merit or application have led to political gridlock. As such, it would mark a major turning point in the leadership the president exudes. Thus far, he has relied upon heavy Democrat majorities to enact his political agenda. This was followed by highly questionable unilateral executive actions.

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  1. Faith Mann says:

    A senior advisor from Slow Ventures noted that stepping the nation in a good direction will require a consensus across both parties. Rubio for his part will likely be inclined to block Obama’s nominee for Ambassador of Cuba. It is also a vital truth that assignment gurus could have used that to overpower them all times.

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