Securus Makes Prison Communication Easier

June 4th, 2016

We have been using Securus for some time to work with the people that are involved in our ministry. We actually play baseball with inmates who are learning from us when we come down to play games, and we want to be able to talk to them in between games. We all have Securus on our phones and tablets, and we are sure that we can get in touch with everyone when we need to. We believe in visiting everyone as much as we can, and we have used the mobile app to chat with the people in the jail over video.
The video calls have good quality, and we can learn how everyone is doing when we talk. We get a good sense of how our ministry people feel, and we can have secure and private conversations with them. Securus has made the whole network secure, and we get to work with the jail to make sure that they know when we are calling. We can schedule times with all the people we have made friends with, and we can call for longer periods of time because of the strength of the Securus America network.

In a report by PR Newswire, it revealed that everyone who wants to talk to someone in jail should use Securus. We are using it to make video calls to people that we are helping out, and it also gives us a chance to schedule our next game. We want all the inmates to be excited to see us, and we want to inmates to feel like they have something to look forward to. The work that we have done to help them does a lot to make their lives better when they get out of prison. That is why we are helping, and we will keep calling as much as we can.

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