Sanjay Shah Seeks To Grow Solo Capital And Autism Rocks

March 1st, 2016

Financial expert Sanjay Shah has made a big splash in the global markets since he decided to embark on a new stage of his career as the owner of his own business; Shah found himself faced with a major decision in 2009 after the global economic collapse sent shock waves around the world. Shah had two choices, he could continue with his expected career as a broker or embark upon a new era in his life by forming his own company. The London born financial expert made the decision to form Solo Capital and look to escape the rat race of London’s financial markets, which he had worked in throughout his career to that stage.

Sanjay Shah had always been a success in his career as a financial expert since he abandoned his medical studies to enter the financial industry. Solo Capital has been a high quality extension of his career to date with a fast expansion that has seen the company work in more than 30 countries since being founded early in 2009. The company is largely involved in asset and property management; services which can be used for large or small investments to maximize their potential. Despite its global reach Solo Capital is headquartered in London with Sanjay Shah spending the majority of his time in Dubai with his family.

Family life has always been of major importance for Sanjay Shah and played an important part in the decision to create the Solo Capital brand; Shah felt the formation of his own business would allow him more time to spend with his family at their Dubai home. The focus of the life of Sanjay Shah changed when the youngest of his three children was diagnosed with autism in 2013 and prompted the formation of the Autism Rocks charity. The charity organizes invitation only musical events with some of the most famous artists in the world, such as Prince and elvis Costello. Autism Rocks has become more of a focus for Sanjay Shah as he entrusts the day to day running of Solo Capital to the team of financial professionals he has attracted to the brand.

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