Rocketship Education: Bettering the Lives of the Poor by Transforming the Education System

August 23rd, 2017

Rocketship Education is among the leading charter school networks in California. The network was established in 2007 by Preston Smith and John Danner as a public non-profit network and headquartered in Redwood City. Over the last decade, the network has grown to open six schools in California, with most of them being situated in Redwood City and Concord. Other locations outside of California include Washington D.C., Nashville, and Milwaukee.

Transforming Education

Rocketship Education has been at the forefront in transforming the education system in the United States. It has successfully stood in the gap between the rich and the poor by ensuring that kids from low-income families get the exact education quality as their peers from rich families. As a way of getting the best from the community in which they operate, the network empowers and inspires people towards their individual growth.

Education is a collective duty of the community; both parents and teachers must pull together for learners to excel. In this realization, Rocketship Education brings together parents and teachers, engages them in consultations, and together chart the way forward. As a result, the network stands out as the benchmark for other public charter schools in the country.

The Rocketeers

Learners at Rocketship Education are branded the Rocketeers. Rocketeers are unique in many ways; from their approach to learning to their socialization. They are treated to a unique and personalized learning styles to address each student’s learning needs satisfactorily. This ensures that every student is taken care of: the slow learners are taught slowly while the rest are allowed to race ahead. In the long run, the network’s general performance is improved.

Technology is taking over the education space at a rather speedy rate. Unlike many charter schools which are yet to integrate technology into their education programs, Rocketship Education has crafted a model that combines traditional learning tools with technology. This explains why rocketeers seamlessly fit in today’s society even after completing their studies.


Rocketship Education will soon be moving its campus to 860 Charter Street after its request to build permanent quarters was granted by the Redwood City Planning Commission in June this year. The new quarters will accommodate 480 students, 180 more than its current temporary quarter situated along 1440 Connecticut Drive.


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