Robert Ivy The Unique And Highly Skilled Architect

September 18th, 2017

Robert Ivy the Unique and Highly Skilled Architect

Robert ivy has for long been working as the CEO of an American investment firm, the American Institute of Architects. He had previously served as the chief executive deputy president of the same firm. Robert ivy has moreover worked in numerous companies, upholding different administrative positions such as operating as vice president and director at McGraw-Hill construction firm, serving as part of the judges in a panel that offered contract to architect frank Gehry for the design and erection of Dwirt D. Eisenhower memorial as well as acquiring employment as an editor to a media company called the chief of Architectural records. Ivy helped the company achieve international recognition by becoming the most read journal special writing about architecture. Robert ivy has believed in dedication and diligence in his work, which has brought him much success.

Excellence in his work has been seen to have strengthened as a result of his academic background. As a masters’ degree holder from Tulane University as well as a degree holder in English from the University of South, Robert ivy has made use of his skills in ensuring that the institutions enjoying his services perform to admirable standards. Robert ivy has undoubtedly enabled architectural records firm achieve many honors in the field of journal writings which includes Folio plan awards, National Magazine Award for superb all round performance as well as the highly coveted 2008 MPA Digital Award for the group with the best marketing portal on an online website. His individual contributions have attained recognitions through enhancing his reception of rewards such as McGraw-Hill award for his incredible contributions in architectural writings and above all receiving an honor of being the seventh person in American who got a Master Architect Award in 2010, where he was voted by National Architecture Fraternity as part of the Fraternity’s celebration for being operational for one century.

Robert ivy has undoubtedly aided the progression of architectural industry by all aspects. He has seriously embarked on an individual mission through coming up with publications, which have assisted in narrating the role played by American architects. Robert ivy has been known for his swiftness and special ability to adopt to too many career paths which constitutes working as a principal at Dean and Dale for nearly 15 years while also playing critical roles in numerous national journals in the United States.


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