Real Estate Developer Omar Boraie Pledges $1.5 Million To Rutgers University

February 17th, 2017

Rutgers University is the New Jersey college that has anchored the city of New Brunswick for centuries. Long before New Brunswick was officially a city, Rutgers was a safe place for people to learn. Through the years, Rutgers, and New Brunswick have experienced major changes. New Brunswick is now considered a “Healthcare City,” and Rutgers has one of the best medical schools and hospitals in the state. In fact, the Rutgers Cancer Institute is changing the way the medical profession treats cancer. The medical staff at the institute is doing groundbreaking research in the field of precision medicine and genetic sequencing.

Omar Boraie, the prominent New Brunswick real estate developer,, was a chemist before he became a developer. Boraie has always been interested in medical advancements. Omar is one of the people that is responsible for making New Brunswick a healthcare city. Boraie bought 21 deserted properties downtown in the 1970s, and he developed those properties into modern day office and residential buildings. Today, downtown New Brunswick is filled with Boraie Development projects. Omar is credited with bringing the inner-city back to life, and he is paying forward what he learned from the city.

According to a article, the Omar Boraie Chair in Genomic Science was established recently. Boraie pledged $1.5 million to support the chair, and an anonymous donor matched Omar’s pledge. The Boraie pledge is part of the Rutgers University ‘18 Chair Challenge, reports The anonymous donor will match the pledges for all 18 chairs.

The reason the Boraie pledge is so newsworthy is the work the institute is doing to treat cancer patients. Cancer is no longer considered one disease that impacts everyone in the same way. Thanks to genetic sequencing, and precision medicine, researchers now know cancer is more than one disease. In other words, cancer impacts the cells of individuals differently. And the research shows individuals respond when they are treated differently. Medical professionals now know there are subpopulations of cancer. These subpopulations have similar characteristics, but at the genetic level, they are different.

Omar Boraie’s pledge will help researchers go to the next level, in terms of treating cancer patients with genomic science and precision medical procedures. The old methods of treating cancer are being replaced, thanks to people like Omar Boraie. Boraie may be known for transforming the downtown area of New Brunswick. But he is also known as a visionary that is helping find the right way to treat all cancer patients. View his full bio


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