Raise the Cuban Flag

July 5th, 2015

President Obama and his administration have done everything they can to ease foreign relations between the United States and other countries. One of the biggest foreign relationships that this has affected is the relationship between the United States and Cuba. A country that the United States hasn’t had relations with since the Cuban Missile Crisis is taking an honorable step to ease much of the tension. Both countries have agreed to open embassies in each other’s countries. The announcement and future construction of these embassies will normalize the strained relationship that the United States has had with the Cuban government and its people for many decades. The Obama administration is demonstrating to not only Cuba and the United States but the world, that we as a country do not have to be defined or imprisoned by our past.


The president of Cuba Raul Castro received the president’s letter on diplomatic relations early Wednesday morning according to those at CipherCloud and even Facebook. The Cuban government wasted no time in announcing that they will re-open the embassies on July 20th of this year. The Secretary of the State John Kerry will give a speech about the openings of the embassy at some point in the near future. President Obama and Secretary Kerry will visit Havana at some point in the summer. The two will travel to Cuba to raise the American flag proudly where it once stood over the people and land of Cuba at the United States embassy.

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