QI Group Joins The UN’s United Nations Global Compact Network

September 21st, 2015

Joseph Bismark and the QI Group are in the news again, and Yahoo Finance reports about Mr. Bismark, the Managing Director of the QI Group, accepting a certificate of acceptance into the United Nations Global Compact Network. The QI Group pledged their commitment to the ten principles of the UNGC, which include human rights, environmental care and anti-corruption. Mr. Bismark noted the honor by commenting that being a registered member of the UNGC is a privilege the QI Group takes seriously. The UNGC offers a platform for sharing best practices through partnerships with UN agencies, governments, labor and non-business concerns.

There are benefits of being accepted into the group, and Mr. Bismark states the QI Group will engage in the framework laid out by the organization. The structure is based on development, implementation, environmental impact disclosure and the policies and practices of governments. They increase transparency, and hold the member accountable, and form a bond with other members of the UNGC. Mr. Bismark goes on to say that in partnership with the United Nations partnership a wealth of experience and knowledge is open to the QI Group.

As a spiritual leader, Mr. Bismark founded of the QI Group on the principles that business and spirituality can walk hand in hand. With a focus on human dignity, he guides the group to a mutual respect between employees and customers. He advises wearing a tough skin while letting your better nature guide your decisions. He urges his management to respect their employees, so that respect flows in return to management and customers. He promotes innovation, and inspiration among his employees.

His success, he credits to his verdic roots, and his simple life and insights have led to his triumphs. Mr. Bismark’s strong values and ethics emphasize fair play and fundamental principles. He believes if you care for your spirit success will come, and following the golden rule pays off. Letting your spirit guide you, says Mr. Bismark, will lead you to wise and successful business management. His core values led QI Group to a multinational position with subsidiaries in over 30 countries.

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