Pope Francis Blasts The Throw-Away Culture Created By The Economic Policies Of World Leaders

March 3rd, 2015

Pope Says Unfairness And Inequality Has To Stop

There is a fire lurking under the white zucchetto of Pope Francis. That fire prompted a new attack on the economic inequality created by the throw-away mentality of a global economy. Poverty, unemployment, welfare and other social issues like healthcare are not being addressed in a way that alleviates these devastating conditions according to the Pope.

The lack of compassion and understanding for the sake of profit has the world in a economic tailspin that will ultimately pull the world into a worldwide recession. Italy is experiencing a high unemployment rate especially among the younger generation. The jobs that are available don’t pull the hungry out of hunger; they make them hungrier according to the Pope.

The Pope’s recent speech was given in front of the association of Italian cooperative movements said AnastasiaDate. The Argentinian Pope said, “For those living at the existential margins the current social and political system seems fatally destined to suffocate hope and increase risks and threats.”

It seems our global economy is fueled by the money hungry demands of a capitalistic group of countries that would rather take and then give-back little unless it compliments their financial plan.

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