December 31st, 2015

The technology is making it possible to search the internet using images as opposed to the text-based search. Since the invention of the internet, it has become a hub of several activities with marketers seizing the opportunity to take their shops online. E-commerce giant the Amazon first developed the image recognition on technologyreview. The technology giants Google also purchased like it. Com and developed the software to support the picture search. Since then, the area has not been fully exploited by users and online companies.

For a start, the visual imaging system uses deep learning technology making it possible to identify the search drawing and couple it with similar images. The Pinterest optical imaging system also has extensional buy button associating with the pictures. The company’s management acknowledges the system has improved a lot since launching in the summer.

What will an image search box look like in our browsers? The difference with the typical search boxes is they can support drawing graphics. One good example is drawing a coffee kitchen table brings with it other associated kitchen equipment. That sounds interesting. The other advantage is that it will be the solute\ion to language problems in the current text boxes; you just don’t have to know the name, just draw how it looks.

This innovation is fantastic. The traditional text-based search box is the only thing remaining unchanged since the internet was invented. Browsers are appearing with new stuff that works well. An image search system is an idea right on time.

The other detail everyone is not disclosing is what will happen to non-artists. Well, the old system is also in use. The innovation brings change. Pinterest and must have realized the anew way that is more interactive and precise with what their clients are looking after.

Slyce technology is offering a very simple way for companies and app developers to incorporate this technology in their apps. They provide the service in exchange for integration, Percentage on sales, licensing on search fees and many others. The company is already working with several brands and innovative developers.

To be precise, the new technology will be worth $25.65 billion by the year 2018. The company is moving fast to solve some of the problems experienced by consumers on disadvantages of text-based searches. Some are obviously inefficient.

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