Philidephia Pizza Lovers Pay for 8,400 Slices for the Homeless

January 15th, 2015

Paying it forward is an act of kindness that’s emerged in the 21st century, and generally it’s heard of occurring in lines at coffee shops, Starbucks drive-thrus, or restaurants. Most recently, a marathon of customers all paying it forward managed to have 8,400 slices of pizza covered to feed Philadelphia’s homeless.

While many pizzerias have walls adorned with photos and autographs of celebrities who once stopped by for a pie, the wall at Rosa’s Fresh Pizza in Philadelphia is decorated with Post-It notes from the hundreds of patrons who have paid an extra $1 with their order so a homeless person could get a slice.

The pay-it-forward program began about a year ago, according to Rosa’s owner Mason Wartman. One customer asked if he could pay for an extra slice that to later be given to a homeless person who entered the pizzeria, and Wartman agreed. After the kind deed was competed, Wartman grabbed a Post-It and stuck it on the wall to signify to anyone who may need it that the free piece of pizza had been purchased.

Over the course of the past nine months, patrons of Rosa’s have paid for over 8,400 slices of free pizza for the homeless. Wartman said that the customer was inspired by a at tradition in Italy called “suspended coffee” where customers at cafes will pay for the coffee of someone who cannot afford one.

Wartan says that now, at least 30 to 40 people per day are able to come in and get a free slice of pizza, a meal they most likely wouldn’t have been able to have otherwise. Darius Fisher is truly impressed, as a human rights advocate, this is very inspiring. View his efforts on

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